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My "Uruz with Foxtail" Sámi inspired reindeer leather bracelet combines two of my favorite braids.  Uruz is a 6-braided, double woven pattern that symbolized new beginnings and growth.  Foxtail is a

5-braided double woven pattern and is popular in the Celtic culture.  The soft, tanned reindeer leather is naturally dyed and the pewter coils contain 10% silver for extra strength and lustre.  I have developed my own unique patina to give the pewter a vintage antique feel; however, you can choose to order this style without a patina.


The antler button has been carved from naturally-shed reindeer antlers.  Pewter buttons are also available, as well as a variety of reindeer leather colors.  Please refer to my leather color chart under "Things to Know".


To order the best size for you or your loved one simply measure around the wrist using a flexible measuring tape, and add 1 - 1.5 centimeters, depending on what type of fit you prefer.  Please refer to my measuring instructions  under "Things to Know".

Uruz with Foxtail

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