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A family is like branches on a tree.  We all grow in different directions but our roots remain as one.  This Sámi inspired bracelet features a double unity braid and one central core braid that symbolizes our shared family heritage and roots.


Traditionally, the Sámi lived in a group of families called a "Sidda", and the Sámi language contains an unusually large number of words that refer to family relationships.  Today, the nuclear family is the basic social unit among the Sámi and families are close knit, with a great deal of love and attention paid to children. 


Reindeer leather for the body of my bracelets is available in many colours. I use lead-free pewter thread which contains 10% silver for extra strength and luster. To finish the pewter/silver threads, I have developed my own unique patina to add a vintage antique feel, or you can choose to leave the silver pewter brighter and not apply a patina. The antler buttons are handcrafted and are made from naturally shed reindeer antlers.  As an alternative to antler buttons, pewter buttons are also available.

The Siida

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