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Our "Memory Remains" pendant represents a revival of Sámi Culture that is taking place. Sámi drum making, joiking, traditional clothing, coffee and salt bags, knives, and jewellery (Duodji) are emerging once again.


This unique handcrafted sterling silver pendant carries the Sun and Reindeer symbols, and links the past with the present. Also represented is the Noaidi, often referred to as the Sámi shaman, the traditional healer and protector of the Sámi people. The triangle that encloses these three symbols represents the Kota or Goahti, the seasonal dwelling of the Sámi people.

Individually handcrafted, this unique pendant can be ordered with a variety of chain lengths.  Pendants may not be identical to the pictures as each piece is hand made; however, the design will be the same for each "Memory Remains" pendant




The Memory Remains

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