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Each summer, hundreds of thousands of reindeer and their herders, known traditionally as bozaovazzi (reindeer walkers), start their annual migration down from higher elevations to lowland tundra in the far north of mainland Europe. The reindeer have spent the warmer months feeding on sedges, herbs and grasses, but as the weather cools they head for more sheltered climates, where there is less snowfall and they can dig for lichens and fungi with their hooves.
The reindeer migration is thousands of years old tradition among Sámi, the approximately 80,000 indigenous people who reside in the upper reaches of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia in a region once known as Lapland and now collectively known as Sápmi.
Reindeer herding has long been a way of life for them, and many Sámi herders still make their living from selling reindeer. In the Sámi culture, reindeer are sacred: an animal that is essential in nearly every aspect of living, from feeding bellies to keeping warm.

This one of a kind “Reindeer Walker” bag is made from beautiful soft natural colored reindeer leather and organic deep blue Nordic wool. The wool tablet is handwoven. This beautiful bag measures 11 inches (28 cm) in height, and 7 inches (18cm) in width. The hand braided reindeer leather strap measures 51 inches, with the bag measuring approximately 34 inches from the top to the bottom of the bag when worn on the shoulder. This unique bag has two pull strings to close, with naturally shed reindeer antler pieces have been hand carved into beads and display traditional Sámi designs.
“Reindeer Walker” has been lined with an organic cotton material custom designed with the Sámi Flag.
This is a beautiful Sámi inspired bag that would love to carry you or your loved ones personal treasures or belongings for many years to come.

Reindeer Walker (Bozaovazzi)

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