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This amazing Sámi inspired reindeer leather bracelet is one of my favourites and features a complex 11 strand braid using high quality silver or antiqued spun pewter/sterling silver wires.  The number 11 is a "master number",  and in numerology the powerful number 11 signifies intuition, wisdom, and spirituality.


Reindeer leather for the body of my bracelets is available in many colours. I use lead-free pewter thread which contains 10% silver for extra strength and luster. To finish the pewter/silver threads, I have developed my own unique patina to add a vintage antique feel, or you can  choose to leave the silver pewter brighter and not apply a patina. The antler buttons are handcrafted and are made from naturally shed reindeer antlers.  As an alternative to antler buttons, pewter buttons are also available.







The Master Weaver

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