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I call this Sámi reindeer leather bracelet "Traders Route" to highlight the historic fact that the Sámi people were active and skillful traders.  They not only traded reindeer furs and leather products, but also reindeer cheese, shoe hay, fish, trained herding dogs, and Duodji crafts.  They attended several markets and fairs along trading routes.  Some of these markets, such as the "Jokkmokk Market" in Sweden, still operate today.


Reindeer leather for the body of my bracelets is available in many colours. I use lead-free pewter thread which contains 10% silver for extra strength and luster. To finish the pewter/silver threads, I have developed my own unique patina to add a vintage antique feel, or you can  choose to leave the silver pewter brighter and not apply a patina. The antler buttons are handcrafted and are made from naturally shed reindeer antlers.  As an alternative to antler buttons, pewter buttons are also available.

Traders Route

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