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I call this unique, sterling silver, handcrafted Sámi Lapland Pendant "The Goddess".  


This original sterling silver pendant has been meticulously handcrafted.  The concept for this original design came from a drum symbol , from Lapland Sámi mythology on a Shaman drum.


Sámi people believed this goddess, who goes by many names, looked after Nature's fertility.  She is the earth mother for all plants, animals and humans, and controls the weather and the natural cycles.

The "Goddess" pendant is made by hand and so will be uniquely yours. Because each pendant is handmade, you may find slight differences between your pendant and the pictures on this site.  The "Boat" pendant measures approximately 3cm in height and 3cm in width.


Sterling silver Italian diamond cut bead chains come in 16/18/20/22 inch lengths. Prices will vary according to the size of chain you have chosen.

The Goddess

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